Change Your Attitude

I want to talk about something we all know, but for some reason very few of us put it into practice.  Great thinkers from our past have written quite a bit about attitude.  This knowledge has been recycled and reworded countless times since, but for some reason we don’t follow through with the recommendations of our predecessors.  I suppose it is because the concept is so simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy.


As I progress, things become much clearer to me.  By surrounding yourself with others who excel in your field humbles you and serves as a reminder of how little you really know.  Especially, when those same mentors mention how much they are still learning.  Oddly, this realization brings forth a sense of comfort and confidence because you begin to learn to ask the right questions.  You begin to seek answers to the important questions in life that have the power to completely transform you and change your approach to just about everything you embark on.  I read often and as of late I continue to stumble across a common lesson, often hidden within the pages.  This lesson is so powerful, that when learned and practiced, it could completely change your life.  The best part of this lesson is that it is no secret and better yet, its implementation is completely within your control.

Only you have the power to determine what attitude you will have.  Your influence is the final influence.  Nobody else can make that choice for you and this can never be taken from you.  The best part is that genetics plays no role in this.  You hear people often use genetics as an excuse as to why they aren’t as good and why they fail at something.  There is no way to back out of this one.  It is you and only you.


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If you make the conscious decision to change your attitude and mentality about the things you struggle with, you will completely change the game!  When you master this basic process you can accomplish anything.  I am often inspired by Eric Thomas, a man who was homeless in the streets of Detroit who came out on top, graduating with his masters and is now working on his doctorate, while turning the motivational speaking game upside down.  He often mentions his attitude when he was picking through the garbage for food.  It wasn’t about where he was it was about where he was going.  He chose to not dwell on the dismal reality of current situation.  Instead he focused on where he wanted to be and that kept him in the empowered mindset that got him out of there.  Are you stuck feeling sorry for yourself?  If so, wake up!  The world is at your fingertips and we are all waiting for you to grab on and take what’s yours.  He also says something else that I decided to make one of life mantras;

“You don’t got to, you get too”

Realize that the way you speak is the way you are!  Stop saying you HAVE to practice (insert any word) today and realize what a great blessing it is that you GET to practice (insert any word) today.  Think of all the people that would die for the chance to be in the position you are with the opportunities you have.

Mindset and attitude are everything.  I coach a lot of individuals and not many get this.  Take the time to inventory your disabling mindsets and figure a way to transform them into empowering attitudes.  I am truly blessed to have learned this lesson at 31 and my hope is it reaches all of you at a much younger age.  You are in control of your thoughts, so change your attitude and change the game.



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