Top 6: Most Useful Apps

I am determined to not just blog for the sake of blogging. You will hear from me when I have something to offer.  Many people out there share things that have made my life somewhat better and I would like to return the favor or pay it forward in some small way.

I would like to show you which apps or social media outlets I find most influential in my life on a daily basis.  Maybe you use these same apps/media, but perhaps I use them in a way you haven’t thought of.  Either way I hope there is some takeaway that makes the read worthwhile.

I will list them in number order in attempt to make this post more reader friendly, however they are just numbers and not a ranking.  I value these apps/media equally.  Oh… and did I mention they are all free!

1. EVERNOTE evernote

This app is available for mobile as well as on your computer.  I use them both in conjunction with one another.  It is advertised as a “remember anything app.”  I use it more as a storage place for all the things that interest me throughout the day that I may not be able to check out in the moment.  I will save it as a note and it goes to my “read later folder.” I have also used it as a mode of sharing ideas and projects I have been working on.  I will also take photos of various things that I wish to recall at a later date.  You have the ability to categorize everything and sharing is very easy and convenient.  Your imagination is the only limit on to how you use this app.

2. Coach’s Eye  coachs eye

This is a great app with awesome capabilities even with the free version.  If I had a way, other than my phone to utilize this app I would buy the full version and even use it more often.  It allows you to film your athletes while they perform an exercise.  You are then able tp replay the video at any speed to show the athlete where they are going wrong and or what they are doing right.  Either way, visuals in the learning environment are very powerful tools.  If that wasn’t awesome enough, this app allows you to draw over the athlete, so you can point out technical flaws.  As if this wasn’t already hugely awesome, coach’s eye allows you to voice over the video to add in coaching cues or comments.  You can then send that the athlete via text message, email, etc.  Again the possibilities are endless.  Really cool app.

3. Twitter   twitter

Sure you could follow your favorite celebrities and wait tirelessly for @grumpycat or @thingsonmyrabbit to post something, but I encourage you to use twitter as more than a way to pass time.  There has never been a time in history that a person could so easily access the thoughts and words of wisdom of the most successful people in their field or in the world for that matter. Just one example would be reading a tweet from one of the top guys in my field and he mentions a book he just read.  You better believe I am going to model success and I am going to read it too!  To go even further, if I were to run into this person, now I know we would have something specific to speak about. The value here is endless.  People are sharing their secrets in 140 or less and if you’re not paying attention, your’re missing out.  It is also easier to connect than ever before.  I have connected with individuals on twitter that I may have otherwise never come in contact with in person.  This doesn’t even cover the business opportunities that twitter can create.  Check out Joshua Metcalf weigh in more on this and give a ton of other great information on being more awesomer, as @iamkidpresident would say, in this keynote:

(@traintobeclutch fyi, found him on twitter)


4.  MyFitnessPal   myfitnesspalblog

Some people are dead against counting/tracking calories well then to those folks I would say this app may not be for you.  However, those of you who find value in knowing how many calories you are consuming then this app is for you.  I use it in a few different ways. Professionally I use this as a food log for my athletes.  Gone are the days of handing them a paper and saying write down what you eat and bring it back in a week.  The time it took to decipher what was going with those was devastating.  With my MyFitnessPal, I have them sign up and friend me.  Once they make an adjustment to the settings I am allowed to view their daily diary.  They then text/email me a screen shot and ‘tada’ I have in front of me calories consumed complete with numbers for carbs, fats, and protein as well as a list of the actual food they have consumed.  I can then make recommendation in app with their direct messaging feature.  The app makes food logging incredibly easy with a huge database and a barcode scanner. Personally, I use it periodically to see that I am in the calorie range that is appropriate for my goal. This has been a great tool.


5. DropBox  dropboxblog

This is another FREE and incredibly useful sharing app that is also available for your desktop.  “Your stuff, anywhere” is its motto.  You can share decent sized files with ease using this app.  Whatever it is just click and drag it to your dropbox and instantly it becomes available to whomever you authorize it to.  I have used the app in many ways, but most recently I used it like a fax machine.  I took a picture of the document with my phone, uploaded it to dropbox and just like that the recipient had what they needed.


6.  Interval Timer AD   intervaltimeAD

This app is great for circuit training, tabata style work, etc.  It is completely customizable and if you workout hard enough it even whistles at you.  It’s simple, but that is why I like it.


Well there you have it.  I hope I either introduced you to a new app or possibly a new way to utilize an old one.  At the very least you have a few new people to follow on twitter.


Until next time, I encourage you all to follow your dreams and share what you learn along the way… I know I will.

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