I’m Eric Krause, Currently, I work as a collegiate sports performance coach at a division I university.  Like you may have heard other coaches or teachers say before, I truly believe I am one lucky man.  To be able to make a career of something you love is a true blessing.  As a coach, my main mission is to improve my players athletically in a safe, proven, and intelligent manner.  My job is certainly not limited to the weight room walls, much of what I do to train my athletes takes place between the ears and if I am successful in that, I get to affect what beats beneath their chest and that’s when I have ultimately succeeded!

As I sit here writing this, I coach 6 teams, this forces me to be a student at a level even higher than the position traditionally demands.  I owe it to my athletes to know their sport and know how to best prepare them to be successful in that sport.  This is a large undertaking, but I am always up for the challenge!

I graduated with my Bachelors of Science from Temple University.  Personal training was a main source of income throughout my college career.  I see this as a positive because it gave me experience in that setting.  It also schooled me on the human psyche.  One main thing you can learn as a personal trainer is how to communicate and read people.  This has proved to be very valuable for me as a strength coach.  When I entered my last year of college, I applied to an internship at the University of South Florida with Ron McKeefery, a nationally known strength and conditioning coach, formerly the head football strength coach at the University of South Florida, University of Tennessee, Eastern Michigan University, assistant strength and conditioning

Me and "CP" Steve Pattison
Me and “CP” Steve Pattison

coach for the Cincinnati Bengals.  He was assisted by Frank Wintrich, formerly at North Texas, BYU, and UVA, and Aaron Quarberg.  Apart from my high school strength coach Steve “CP” Pattison, these three were the most instrumental in my path to becoming a strength coach.  The internship was an incredible experience that I draw from even to this day.  During my USF internship, this was where my extreme interest transformed into a fire and a clear passion for strength and conditioning.

After the internship was completed, I was offered a grad assistantship, but family and financial issues kept me from accepting it.  I went home discouraged but convinced I would someday be a strength coach, somewhere.  I came back to Philadelphia and made the ever so prevalent move back to my loving parents’ home.  Though I love them and it was quite comfortable there, I had to get out quick.  After working a couple of odd jobs to get some money saved (CDL Class A Beer Delivery Driver, Landscaper, Exercise Physiologist, Trainer at a “cookie cutter” performance gym).  I took my good friends up on an offer to move with them in Chicago.  In Chicago, I got a job as a personal trainer with the understanding that this was temporary and I would be applying for jobs as a strength coach every day.

After Six months, new memories, friends, and meeting the girl of my dreams, my time in Chicago had to come to an end.  I applied for an internship position and received a call back for the position at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida.  You may know it as “DUNK CITY”.  A year and a half later they created a permanent full-time position for me as the assistant strength and conditioning coach.

I have vowed to deliver the WOW at this university so that I will be remembered one day as someone who loved what he did and worked to be damn good at it!  That said, it is naturally my ultimate goal to advance to the highest level of my profession and one day run an entire program with my own spin on things.  Ultimately, I want to positively affect all my athletes to reach their utmost potential.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a bit.  Come back for weekly, bi-weekly posts ranging from topics on strength training, coaching, life, motivation, and really whatever I am experiencing at the time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Eric Krause, BS CSCS



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